Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Custom Work

I've had so many requests for custom work and commissions lately that I've started to think about the strengths of my work. I have always known that a special quality of my work is its uniqueness. Working with organic materials and a very hand-made process means that my pieces each have an individuality before even being worn. Before I have even started crafting them, the materials I use often seem to have a story of their own. Whether it is in the swirling caramel variations in the surface of horn or the fine mottled grain within a piece of bone, these materials have a history. This is part of the reason I love working with them so much.

From the feedback I've had so far, I'm not the only one who senses this. The organic nature of my materials makes them a perfect base for a special gift or personal treasured item. Bone and horn have been used in jewellery since its inception and are beautifully strong, yet warm materials. I've had customers ask for the names of their loved ones or other meaningful images and words carved into jewellery. These requests make my job as an artist and jeweller so much more meaningful and I would really love to get more of them. 

Thinking about this, I began to draw some parallels between my commission work and the work of a contemporary custom tattoo artist. You choose the images and words of a tattoo in a very meaningful and personal way. You approach an artist, who then transforms your thoughts into a workable design and etches it into your skin. The difference of course, is that I etch designs into bone and horn, and not into skin! 

Although, I could just be making these analogies because I have also been playing around with a tattoo machine at home lately... hmmm. :)

In any case, I do very much welcome and enjoy receiving requests for custom pieces. I have various types of organic materials; bone, horn in a few colours, mammoth ivory, and can combine these with sterling silver, gold, or other metals. I can make pendants, brooches, earrings, bangles, rings.... Have a look around this site for some ideas. You can contact me via if you'd like to talk to me about something you may have in mind for yourself or a gift for a loved one. 

TE x


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