Thursday, December 29, 2011

Finders Keepers Spring Summer 2011

I know this little wrap-up is very late! But I thought I should say a little thank you to everyone who came and visited, chatted to me and took home my pieces to treasure or to give. Finders Keepers market was a huge success. I always enjoy talking directly to people about my work and an awesome market like this one is the perfect opportunity to do that with people who are as passionate about handmade design as I am.

To all of you lovely people who bought pieces from me at the market (or were given one for Christmas!) please feel free to contact me with feedback and if you have any questions about my practice or taking care of your organic jewellery.

I should note that the photos below were taken by Gary Compton and copied from the Finders Keepers facebook page. I was so crazy busy that I didn't even remember to take any photos of my stall!