Saturday, April 2, 2011

blogging for tenmoregirls

As you may know already, this year, I am part of the tenmoregirls collective! A Sydney based group of contemporary jewellery designer/makers that come together annually to produce amazing exhibitions of concept based work. Very exciting!

I'll be blogging here regularly about the development of my work for the show this year, titled 10 Girls. 10 Colours. But I will also be blogging over on the tenmoregirls site.

I'm writing a regular Friday weekly post about the production of the event itself. I will be covering topics like; grant applications and securing sponsorship, budgeting, marketing, print design and production, building the exhibition space itself and all of the other amazing things that go into making an exhibition come together.

I find this part of being an artist and designer really exciting and challenging. Go and check it out at I'm sure you'll find it as fascinating as I do!

TE x 

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